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A Greatful Grandmother of KY-

I cannot express my praise for the Plummer Wellness Clinic in Springfield, TN enough. About 4 years ago, my granddaughter who was 14 at the time had a severe stomach virus, she was sick all night. The next day she began hiccupping, it continued from Febuary to about September. It was twenty four-seven. We took her to many doctors, specialists of all kinds in and out of our state. They tried multiple medicines to no acail. She continued to hiccup, when she tried to eat she would get sick: there fore losing weight. She had gotten down very thin and was to the point the medical doctors had begun to shut down. At this time they suggested surgery, paralyzing her right diaphragm. This would stop the hiccups. This was unacceptable as this would hinder her breathing and she is asthamatic. We went so far as to make the appointment for the surgery out of state whe we heard of Dr. Guy Plummer. We had our chiropractor call him and talk to him about how she was doing and he agreed to see her and thought he would be able to help her. We made an appointment with his office and drove nearly 100 miles to get there. He worked on her using many different techniques and we could begin to see a difference the first week. He put her on special protien drinks, food, and special supplements that would help heal her body. After a short while with him using the special adjustments and following his advice concerning some other suggestions her hiccups stopped. It is nearly four years later and she has not had the hiccups like that again. I recommended many people to his clinic and have seen wonderful results from them also. We will continue to send people to him.

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